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AND WELCOME TO THE NEW WARINGB12! (Que applause, cheers, whistles and general positive noises)


Ok, basically, we went away from a month (Hopefully no one died or had sme sudden realisation that the blog was all false and never wants to return. No? ok, so far so good) to redevelope. I know it’s not looking perfect, we’re still working out the little quirks but we’re getting there.


So, what do I mean by NEW? I mean new ideas, new plot lines, new twists, new moments, new creations and new brains. More for you, more for us more for everyone. DON”T PANIC! We’re not getting rid of the old stuff. We still have the mute french kid posts (you wanna try and get rid of them!), and we’ve still got That Talky Laughy Random Fing, continuing right from where it left off. But we want this blog to be more interactive, and only YOU can help us do that. Head down to our FB page to find out more stuff.


Right, onto the writing…