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Sometimes Davey gets stuck in my head…

This is a climate rap I was forced to write today whilst taking part in an eco weekend. It’s a bit of a wate of paper, but not bad seeing as what I normally right isn’t anything like this. Well, you be the judge of that. If I’m honest, I can see a little bit of Davey in it, which scares me a little. I would never have even thought about the government or evil power holders, but that’s Davey for you.
PS, ‘Word. Brap-ting” was how I made it a rap.



The Sun’s last day – a poem


The sun had never shone so brightly

Upon the break of day

Than the day that never ended

When the sun last went away

It came and said ‘Good morning’

To everyone it met

Unaweare that it’s blistering light

Would leave forever when it set

Its finger’s poked at sleepers

Who did not want to wake

And slowed down fishing boats men

Before they set out on the lake

Its fingers spread to the windows

Where the beloved body lay

And stroked upon the Caller’s cheek

To let him know the day

The sun watched over its people

Off to work and play

And maybe now it might have known

This was the first and final day