That Talky Laughy Random Fing Episode 5

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THE STORY SO FAR: Howard Richy falls in love with the… Erm… fit Linda Maizen. James Mattinson has a throat condition, possibly caused by moaning too much, but… Linda turns out to be a cow and she storms out. James lets slip about Friday’s upcoming court case with Lee Martin and she also storms out.

Chapter One

“Friday! Friday, wait!”
The teenager was fast. She never ran, at least not indoors, but her marching was just as fast and James had to jog to keep up. She didn’t slow down and James only caught her in the lift when she finally stopped. Not looking at him, Friday stabbed the button for the underground car park and waited in silence for the doors to close.
“Look, Friday, don’t worry,” James said, “Madison won’t tell anyone. She’s the one who I would trust my life with, other than you.”
“It’s not that you told Madison,” Friday snapped, “And it’s not that you almost started a fight on live television. It’s the fact you seem insistant on causing more issues when I already have enough with Mr Martin and Adam and your Cathy.”
“I don’t mean to, Friday,” James began, but before he could even try to explain, the lift opened and Friday marched out. Before she could reach James’ car in the far corner, he unlocked it with the key fob, allowing her into the front seat.
“You have to teach me to drive when I get my learner’s permit.” she said.
“And not until. Look, Friday. I’m sorry about you and Cathy. I know you don’t like it being a secret but…”
“Cathy’s dad would kill you, I know.” Friday said, “Can you just drive? I need to clear my head. They can do the show without us.”
Carefully, James pulled out of the carpark. Having worked with her since she was thirteen, James knew exactly where Friday wanted to go. He’d never thought to ask why she always went to the same chip shop. Now didn’t really seem to be the time.
“It’s not just your fault, James,” she said after a while of sitting in silence, “I do know that.”
“I’m going to help, Friday,” James insisted, “I promise.”
“I know, James. Thanks, but…”
But. It was Adam. They were a treo, although Adam hated James’ guts and James wasn’t too fond of him either. The man was a lunatic with no sense of self control, but he supported Friday and she liked him.
James stopped at a red light and Friday groaned.
“If I wasn’t such an innocent, law abiding person, I’d tell you to just go right now.” she admitted.
James grinned. “You mean, if you weren’t toeing the line because of Martin?”
“Well, we’re – what? – five yards away.”
“I wouldn’t say five yards.”
“And this red light has been on for half an hour.”
“Half an hour, Friday?”
“Look, I can see the shop.”
James’ face fell. On the passanger side, a car pulled up. The windows were tinted glass but the driver’s window was rolled down in the warm summer night. A fat, bauld, potato shaped head was perched on the driver’s stubby neck. He was focused on the light. James preyed he didn’t turn his head.
“What?” Friday asked, spinning around to look, but James grabbed her before she could see.
“He works for Cathy’s dad.” James whispered.
The lights turned green before potato man turned around and he rolled on while James turned into the chip shop.
“What’s he doing here?” Friday asked.
“Don’t know.” James said, stuck to hus seat. “Don’t like it.”
Friday opened the door and immediatly the smell of chips distracted her from all else.


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