Inside the mind of a seven year old mute french kid about meanies

VOICE ONE – This isn’t a good place.
VOICE TWO – No. Why did you come here?
VOICE ONE – Because Daddy was being a meanie.
DAVEY – No! Daddy wasn’t being meanie. It was the others. They made him meanie.
VOICE ONE – Yes, of course.
VOICE TWO – So who’s making Mr George meanie?
VOICE ONE – He is.
DAVEY – He’s not meanie. He gives me food and clothes and isn’t going to make me stand in the rain again.
VOICE TWO – Yeah, but he makes you do bad things, Davey.
VOICE ONE – He makes you steal money, Davey.
VOICE TWO – If the police find out, thet’ll put you in prison.
VOICE ONE – Forever.
DAVEY – I know. But I have to. It’s not meanie. It’s just like a job.
VOICE ONE – He’s going to make you play with that boy.
DAVEY – I know.
VOICE TWO – I wonder what the boy likes to play.
VOICE ONE – He probably likes to bury people alive and has loads of tattoos and runs people over on motorbikes.
VOICE TWO – He probably gives himself tattoos and chops of people’s fingers and then eats them.
VOICE ONE – He stabbed a boy, you know?
DAVEY – I know.
VOICE ONE – Do you think he’ll stab you?
DAVEY – Maybe.
VOICE TWO – Mr George is going to make you play with him. See, he’s meanie.
DAVEY – Ok, maybe he is a little bit meanie. But he isn’t as meanie as some of the people at home. And he’s not as meanie as the boulder and the skelinton. And he’s not as meanie as the meanie polly-ticking people.
VOICE ONE – Like Daddy?
VOICE TWO – Yeah, he’s a polly-ticking person.
DAVEY – Yeah, but-
VOICE ONE – And he’s a meanie.
DAVEY – He’s not meanie!
VOICE TWO – Then why did you run away?
VOICE ONE – Come on then!
DAVEY – I came to Enkerland to show the people how bad their meanie polly-ticking people are.
VOICE TWO – Carry on then.
DAVEY – And then Daddy will be happy and he’ll love me.
VOICE ONE – So you did run away because of Daddy.
DAVEY – Not because he’s a meanie.
VOICE TWO – Go on then, Davey. How are you going to show the people how bad their meanie polly-ticking people are when that boy with home made tattoos and motorbikes buries you and chops of your fingers and eats them and then stabs you?
DAVEY – I don’t know.


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