Going back and facing up – told by Davey Hertz

Im not sure what I had been expecting. I was hoping dad had changed. People get better, don’t they, when you take away the problem. The thing was, I was never dad’s problem, not really. I probably didn’t help but I was never the problem. No, dad was dad’s problem and no one could change that, definatly not me. They put up a front, obviously, when I first came back. All smiley and happy like there never was a problem. Mum was the weak link. She always let her guard down when she thought I wasn’t there, and I could see the tears behind her smile. Eventually, we were back to the same old routine. Dad was angry and blaiming everyone but himself and mainly me. I was suprised mum had lasted this long, the beatings he gave her. It must have been worse when I wasn’t there. They’d had another kid, a normal kid, and that had helped a bit, but he was gone now.
It was just us. Like it was before…


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