April 1989 . . . a street in Mascar, London

Some people may recognise this piece from my tumblr: bethoniewaring.tumblr.com. But this is it moving over here. Share, get the word out, shout it from your lungs. The silence needs to be heard…

Davey Hertz, age 7

I was absolutly certain I had ever been this hungry in my entire life. I had been really, really hungry when I was sick for ages and I wasn’t allowed to eat for three whole days but I was even hungrier than then. There was a shop aross the road but I didn’t have any money and nobody was giving me any. Last week, a girl had given me some bread but she didn’t come yesterday or the day before and it didn’t look like she was coming today ether.

Daddy’s friends were wrong. They said that the people in Enkerland were happy. They said there were nice people in Enkerland. But there wasn’t. It wasn’t even sunny in Enkerland. No one was happy or nice here, except the girl, but even she was gone now. People here were always stressed or angry or tired, and everyone was always very wet. So I didn’t think Daddy had anything to worry about from the Enkerlish polly-ticking people, but I had to make sure – as soon as I got some food.

The shop across the road looked warm. It was dry too. And it had food. I checked my pockets and my bag again, just incase I had missed something and I did have money somewhere. I didn’t. I knew I didn’t. I’d seen a few people stealing from the shop, and it didn’t look hard. Some people got caught but they were stupid and I knew I could do it, if I wanted to.

Stealing was wrong, though. I couldn’t steal.

But I was just so hungry.

I stood. My legs were shakey and my stomach gurgled even louder than the rain. I couldn’t possibly get any wetter, even with the rain dripping down my face and through my jumper. I some how managed to put one foot infront of the other and when I began to think again I was already across the road.

The shop was the driest place I’d ever been in Enkerland. A tall, blonde man stood behind the counter. He was reading a magazine, but he glanced up in my direction. I stood, shivering in the doorway and dripped all over the floor. The man nodded, then returned to his magazine.

I wondered down the empty aisles, my eyes darting everywhere and only catching a quick glimps of anything. I walked slowly, leaving a trail of water behind me, and eventually I found the biscuits. I could survive on a packet for a while and then maybe the girl with the food would be back and then maybe her Daddy could tell someone about the meanie polly-ticking people here.

I smiled weakly. Maybe there was a little bit of sunshine in Enkerland.

As I wondered past the buscuits, I slid a packet of something into my soggy bag and continued to wonder. I looked over at the man behind the counterbut he was still reading. I wondered down another aisle, tapping some of the cans and, with a small nod to the man, left.

As soon as I got out of the shop, I sighed, releaved. Slowly, I dawdled up the street, disgusted by myself. Stealing was wrong. And I still couldn’t believe I’d got away with it.

I had hardly taken five steps when I felt a hand grip my mouth and pull me back.

In other news…

This week on the Tumblr, part 1 of the interview with Davey Hertz.

Keep smiling, Bethonie Waring


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