Last week . . .

It wasn’t the busiest week in the world, but I have been up to some important stuff. On Monday, I commited myself (again) to this blog, and this time I’m sticking to it. So, today I’ll post an update on Speaking From The Mind Of The Mute over the week, what’s planned for next week and a taster of a piece I posted over the week about our Davey.

First, a quick update. Of course, if you want to keep up, you should probably go to the tumblr: . That would be very nice, as I like hits. This week I posted two pieces: April 1989 . . . A street in Mascar, and the trancript to part 4 of my ongoing, 6 part audio series – A short biography of Davey Hertz.

Next week, the plans are to post three things – the transcript for part 5, the report that doomed it (which seemed popular when I posted it on here), and April 1989 part 2. So, theres something to look forward to.

And this is April 1989 . . . A street on Mascar, London:

Davey Hertz, age 7:

I was absolutly certain I had never been this hungry in my entire life. I had been really, really hungry when I was sick for ages and I wasn’t allowed to eat for three whole days, but I was even hungrier than then. There was a shop over the road but I didn’t have any money and nobody was giving me any. Last week, a girl had given me some bread but she didn’t come yesterday or the day before and it didn’t look like she was coming today either.

Daddy’s friends were wrong. They said that people in Enkerland were happy. They said there were nice people in Enkerland. But there wasn’t. It wasn’t even sunny in Enkerland. No one was happy or nice here, except the girl, but even she was gone now. People here were always stressed or angry or tired, and everyone was very wet. So I didn’t think Daddy had anything to worry about from the Enkerlish polly-ticking people, but I had to make sure – as soon as I got some food.

The shop across the road looked warm. It was dry too. And it had food. I checke my pockets and my bag, just incase I had missed something and I did have money somewhere. I didn’t. I knew I didn’t. I’d seen a few people stealing from the shop, and it didn’t look hard. Some people got caught but they were stupid and I knew I could do it, if I wanted to. Stealing was wrong though. I couldn’t steal.

But I was just so hungry…

To read the full piece, you’ll have to go to Speaking From The Mind Of The Mute because, basically, I’ve already written this once, my phone key pad is annoying AND … I’ve got a new piece to post HERE! Exclusively!

Thanks for reading. Call in next week for another update.

Bethonie Waring



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