Picture perfect evening

I can already see some stars poking their heads through the murky blue sky as the sun prepared to set. They’re only small little spec, nothing like the overwhelming orb of fire like the sun, but I think that’s why we like them so much. Beside me, she laughs and points out one of the clouds that drift lazily across the sky. She says it looks like me, and I just smile and watch her.

Her brothers at the bottom of the hill. I can hear him shouting and laughing with his friends. I could call him up so we can all sit and watch this perfect sky, but why would I want to do that? He’s happy down there.

She sits up, the daisy chain in her hair breaking and falling down her face. I pick it off, stroking her cheek. She grins and giggles slightly. Her brother runs up the hill, caing for me to come and look at what he’s made. She pulls a funny face.

“It will be a yucky boy thing,” she tells me, “Stay with me.”

“He’s my dad too Holly!” her brother moans, “Stop hogging him.”

“Come on,” I say with a grin, taking her hand and standing up “I’m not going anywhere.”


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