Black Bones

I’m feeling a little scared right now and definatly a little put off my book bout next week. I was feeling really excited, and reading my book, Black Bones, didn’t put me off like it usually does. Normally, the book Foxford has to champion isn’t the greatest book in the world. Infact, it’s quite the opposite. Normally the book which I have to convince people is AMAZING and BRILLIANT, are actually really poot, and I end up giving my presentation in a Gary-from-X-Factor-“absolutly fantastic” monotone. But this time, the book is actually brilliant. I’ve been busy planning my presentation with my partner when I recieced an email.

The sender claimed to be ‘The sociaty of magical science research’ (The SOMSR) which seemed pretty stupid to me. Apparently Black Bones is real. It seemed completly insane to me, but I did a little research and apparently there are cases like this all the time, and loads of these are in Coventry.

This sociaty want to take over my presentation next week, to warn people of the dangers. And I’m thinking I should let them.



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