New year, new start?

There’s an ongoing belief everywhere that a new calander year means a fresh start, a new beginning and hopeful future. Unfourtunatly, this is very rarely ever the case. My new year will start, after my christmas holiday, with two exams (one in science and one in enkerlish). Therefore, it is pretty much impossible to forget about the past and start again. The point of this little story is, even though so many of my teachers will insist on “new year, new start!” what they know, and so many students decide to forget, is that January is the middle of the academic year.
Fortunatly, writing does not exist on a calander. Therefore, I can pick a fresh start in my writing life whenever I feel like my old start is getting a bit too boring. Do I need a fresh start? I don’t think so. Do I want one? Probably. When there’s a chance for another start you should always grab it with both hands.
New years resolution: to update on a more regular basis.
Happy New Year!


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