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Picture perfect evening

I can already see some stars poking their heads through the murky blue sky as the sun prepared to set. They’re only small little spec, nothing like the overwhelming orb of fire like the sun, but I think that’s why we like them so much. Beside me, she laughs and points out one of the clouds that drift lazily across the sky. She says it looks like me, and I just smile and watch her.

Her brothers at the bottom of the hill. I can hear him shouting and laughing with his friends. I could call him up so we can all sit and watch this perfect sky, but why would I want to do that? He’s happy down there.

She sits up, the daisy chain in her hair breaking and falling down her face. I pick it off, stroking her cheek. She grins and giggles slightly. Her brother runs up the hill, caing for me to come and look at what he’s made. She pulls a funny face.

“It will be a yucky boy thing,” she tells me, “Stay with me.”

“He’s my dad too Holly!” her brother moans, “Stop hogging him.”

“Come on,” I say with a grin, taking her hand and standing up “I’m not going anywhere.”


Clay mashing Davey Hartz

Clay mashing – Verb – To take on the life style of a fictional character for research

During my clay mashing of Davey Hertz, I found myself changing my behaviour to suit that of the characteristics of the made up man. This usually happened as I made it to. For example, I muted myself for the day, which changed a lot about how and why I made decitions. On other occasions, I found I naturally changed the way I acted, unintentionally. The incident on the stairs was one such occasion:

Foxford school is a strictly keep to the left school, that meaning students (and staff) are to keep to the left hand side of the stairs and the corridoors. Do people listen to this? Do they hell! Both students and staff walk about all over the place, moving to wherever convinences them best.

It was a Tuesday lunchtime, so the stairwells were more or less empty. Therefor, there was no reason for anyone to be walking on the right (opposite of left) side of the staircase.

Me and my bestfriend, who was rather kindly explaining my situation to teachers and staff, was quiet happily walking up the stairs when two year nines (whom were younger than me) met us on the stairs, them walking on the wrong side of the stairs.

My friend went around the two girls, probably without even thinking, and, had I not been clay mashing, I would probably have done the same. Today, however, without thinking twice, I did not move. The two girls stared down at me (they were on the step above) and laughed, ordering me to move. With only Davey’s extremly limited vocabulary to use, I indicated with my hands that I was on the left, the right (opposite of wrong) side of the stairs. Either the girls did not understand me or did not care, as niether of them moved, only continuing to shout abuse, this time with rather confussed looks on their faces.

I remember gripping the banister tightly, and glancing up at my friend in and unintentional (and most uncharacteristic of myself) Davey style look for help, but I did not move.

Eventually the girls became bored of the deadlock an moved past me down the stairs. I looked up at my friend and grinned rather smuggly.

Now, that was pure Davey John Hertz through and through.

And I just made an incident on the stairs a big thing.

Black Bones

I’m feeling a little scared right now and definatly a little put off my book bout next week. I was feeling really excited, and reading my book, Black Bones, didn’t put me off like it usually does. Normally, the book Foxford has to champion isn’t the greatest book in the world. Infact, it’s quite the opposite. Normally the book which I have to convince people is AMAZING and BRILLIANT, are actually really poot, and I end up giving my presentation in a Gary-from-X-Factor-“absolutly fantastic” monotone. But this time, the book is actually brilliant. I’ve been busy planning my presentation with my partner when I recieced an email.

The sender claimed to be ‘The sociaty of magical science research’ (The SOMSR) which seemed pretty stupid to me. Apparently Black Bones is real. It seemed completly insane to me, but I did a little research and apparently there are cases like this all the time, and loads of these are in Coventry.

This sociaty want to take over my presentation next week, to warn people of the dangers. And I’m thinking I should let them.


New year, new start?

There’s an ongoing belief everywhere that a new calander year means a fresh start, a new beginning and hopeful future. Unfourtunatly, this is very rarely ever the case. My new year will start, after my christmas holiday, with two exams (one in science and one in enkerlish). Therefore, it is pretty much impossible to forget about the past and start again. The point of this little story is, even though so many of my teachers will insist on “new year, new start!” what they know, and so many students decide to forget, is that January is the middle of the academic year.
Fortunatly, writing does not exist on a calander. Therefore, I can pick a fresh start in my writing life whenever I feel like my old start is getting a bit too boring. Do I need a fresh start? I don’t think so. Do I want one? Probably. When there’s a chance for another start you should always grab it with both hands.
New years resolution: to update on a more regular basis.
Happy New Year!