Don’t yell at me – I’m new to this

Ok, hi.

Sorry, if I get anything wrong. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, and my keyboard is dodgy so I have to type really slow so I don’t miss any letters. I should probably explain now that I am not the usual writer. Don’t panic. I havn’t kidnapped her. Niether has Uncle Owen (yet). Nobody has. She’s not dead niether, which is a bit of a relief. My name is Tipy. I’m also a kind of writer, so Bethonie has been so kind as to let me post on here and allow me to take advantage of her whole 3 followers (that’s the face I pulled too).

Before I jump in and start posting, I thought I’d do one of those About Me posts, just to start off.

  • My real name’s not Tipy, but I hate my real name
  • This keyboard is really annoying me
  • I don’t actually write stories, I create characters
  • I’m the most socially awkward thing I know
  • I don’t like cows

So, that is me. I hope to be posting soon about my amazing creations.


Got any opinions? Advice for the author? Just want to have your say? Leave a comment.

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