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Don’t yell at me – I’m new to this

Ok, hi.

Sorry, if I get anything wrong. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, and my keyboard is dodgy so I have to type really slow so I don’t miss any letters. I should probably explain now that I am not the usual writer. Don’t panic. I havn’t kidnapped her. Niether has Uncle Owen (yet). Nobody has. She’s not dead niether, which is a bit of a relief. My name is Tipy. I’m also a kind of writer, so Bethonie has been so kind as to let me post on here and allow me to take advantage of her whole 3 followers (that’s the face I pulled too).

Before I jump in and start posting, I thought I’d do one of those About Me posts, just to start off.

  • My real name’s not Tipy, but I hate my real name
  • This keyboard is really annoying me
  • I don’t actually write stories, I create characters
  • I’m the most socially awkward thing I know
  • I don’t like cows

So, that is me. I hope to be posting soon about my amazing creations.


Other posts that could help with exams

I just did a quick search, and here are the some blog posts I’ve found that you could find helpful if you’ve got exams:

That is all.

Mock Exam Letter

On Monday, I and the rest of the year elevens in my school will be taking my mock Enkerlish exam, and on Wednesday we did a practise mock in the class. This the letter I wrote which is, according to my Enkerlish teacher, A grade. (It would probably be A* if I ever stopped spelling Enkerlish wrong.) Theres some tips in there too for all those who have a mock or an actual exam soon.


“Some of the large cities in Britain are proposing a congestion charge on drivers to encourage people to use public transport. this would mean drivers would have to pay every time they went into the city center.

Write a letter to a newspaper giving your views on this proposal.

The quality of your writing is more important than its length. you should write about one or two pages in your answer book.”

First piece of exam help:

Before you even begin to plan, find SPAF. SPAF stands for subject, puropse, audience and form. You should do this for every question.

S = Congestion Charge

P = Give opinion

A = Newspaper

F = Letter

Next piece of exam help:


I can’t really show you my plan because its a mindmap and I don’t have enough tech to get it on here. But its important to plan. It gathers ideas so you don’t run out and orders them.

Ok, so here’s the letter:

Dear Editor,

Its already so frustraiting to drive through city centers with all of the prieviously placed traffic reducing schemes, one way streets, traffic lights after traffic lights and pedestrain only zones all included. and still so many people prefer to use their own vehicles than take public transport. Will putting in yet another traffic reducing scheme really make that much of a difference? And if so, why didn’t we use this one first!

The main difference between this and all the other thousands of plans that have failed so far is the money element of it all. Will drivers be tempted into public transport by this looming threat towards their wages (or benefits)? That would all depend on whether or not this price would be any different to the price we pay on public transport (not only the ever rising fares but also the cost on our health bu using some of the less ‘public friendly’ buses and trains). If the congestion charge is greater than this price then a lot of people would be tempted onto public transport.

So, where would the councils use the money they could be taking in from this? That is probably what a lot of people want to know. Prehaps I could make a suggestion to spend it on improving public transport? or would that be too much of a logical step for the councils to take? Surely, if they are going to push people out of driving into the city centres they should pull people into the public transport, otherwise all they will get is a very empty city center.

At least, at the bottom of it all, they are trying to do a good thing. reducing traffic in the city center is amazing for the environment, for the local economy (in terms of petrol costs) and for social aspects. Surely whizzing through the city center on a bus is much better than spending hours at a time in traffic (even if the bus isn’t a comfertable place to be). Public transport could practically cut CO2 emissions in half! But then, this new traffic controlling measure is only going to be as good as the next one, really.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter if its a good idea or not. It will probably never happen because there’s too much paperwork involved.

Bethonie Waring, Coventry

So, this is the letter which I adore. Like I said, though, it’s only A grade (and I should be working better than that). My targets were

  • You could use a greater range of sentence stuctures for effect
  • Because you’ve being balanced, sometimes your argument loses force. Prehaps either for or against would be more effective

Suprisingly, I spelt most of it right (smiley face).

If there are any students out there with a mock soon (or an actual exam) heres some more proctise questions:

The WWF believes that we muct “act now” to protect the environment.

Write a letter to a newspaper about what, if anything, you think should be done to protect the environment.


Write a lively article for a teenage magazine about a famous person you either admire or dislike.

The quality of your writing is more important that its length. you should write about one to two pages in your answer book.