Hey, I’m back

First things, first. I’m back. Hello. I know I’ve been gone a while. Sorry for the lack of commitment on my part but I’m back now. There is a reason I’ve been gone for so long. I wasn’t just sat playing on games or nothing. First thing first there’s school. Last year of school and everything, there’s a lot to think about – school work, post 16, keeping your friends, shifting the pieces of rubbish that were once your friends but are now dog poo, trying to keep up with your extra curricular so that you can get into post 16. Yeah, I was keeping busy and that was just school.

I’ve also been doing a readathon. I’ve been trying to support the charity Catch22 (which is an amazing charity and if anyone wants to do anything for a charity, this one deserves some support because it helps people to get their lives back) but, due to communication issues, it was becoming a problem, so I did this readathon. I read three books – Long Lankin (which I had to read for the extra curricular), Catch-22 (which is so funny, I would recommend it to anyone who wants something challenging to read. It is now my new favourite book) and Kill All Enemies (which is an amazing book which is about really what the charity is about). Well, I finished reading the last book about 10 minuets ago, so I’ll do some quick reviews of them later. All three books are amazing, and I’ve raised loads of money for a really good cause so I am now the owner of a chuffed face.


So what? you might say. Well, basically, I’ve got about 4 writing competitions for that time, 2 of which I haven’t even started yet, so I’ve been busy with that one too.

But, enough moaning. Time for some writing to be done.



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