A most bleak out look on life.

Write. Write something. Just write!

Obviously I found myself unable to write anything.

This is something I wrote a while ago. I’m not quite sure where I was going with it. There is no story line. It’s just a piece of writing, but I thought I should post it anyway, because I cannot write a thing today.

A most bleak outlook on life.

It rain’s everyday here. The rain plummets down from the sky. People say that they are god’s tears, for god has reason to cry, they say. They say god has reasons to cry, for we have corrupted the beautiful world which he made for us to live upon and enjoy, but I say god has no reason to cry, for god does not have to suffer. God does not have to live upon this world that is not wonderful nor beautiful. God does not have to live a life that is not a life but merely a schedule of things to do. So I do not say that the rain is God’s tears. I say that they are the tears of people past as they look down at the world that they have left and they look back at the memories which they would rather forget.

The rain that is tears pours into a grey world. Everything is grey. The green grassy plains that are drawn in children’s fairy tale world are now grey pavements that support the feet and worries of a thousand people. The green grassy plains are not real. The buildings lean tall and grey up into the sky like giants. They are like God’s loyal servants that are forced to look down on his undermined slaves. Their tall, outstretched hands reach up to the grey heavens that are not as heavenly as everyone says they are.

I have given up. I have given up on hope and on joy and on peace. A thousand wars rage against a world that has no sides. We are all the same and yet we hack at our enemy’s for their differences. And you only stir up the nonsense with the money stirring.

It seems impossible to think about the world in a way that is full of nothing but dismay, but I try to see the happiness in the world. I try to imagine a world where there is no crime, where there is no hurt and pain. To feel pain and swallow fear.

I try.


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