What on Earth is Enkerlish?

Fans of Eddie, is there are any of you out there, bare with me. I will go back to his story soon. But first, in the post about Davey, and in any posts in which I would include Davey, you will probably find words like – Enkerlish.

Davey is a mute, which means he has no ability to speak. however, he doesn, as shown in Inside the Mind he does have two voices inside his head which he speaks to, and it’s not unusual for Davey’s words to be less than proper Enkerlish, English I mean, or French for that matter either.

Enkerlish means England, if you had not already guess, and to go to England was Davey’s childhood dream. I thought I should clean than up quickly, mainly due to crits from teachers about the naming of my english documents online.


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