Eddie awakes – Part 4

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Wake Up. Come on Eddie, wake up. It’ll be ok, just open you’re eyes. Theres nothing to worry about. You’re not tired any more, are you? You can’t still be tired. Wake up, Eddie. Wake up.

I dragged my eye lids up from over my eyes. A round, black face and huge, brown eyes stared down at me. I frowned, but did not move.

“Hello!” Mary cried “Hello mister. You can tell me your name now, mister.”

I lifted my hands up and rubbed my face, trying to brush the sleep from my face. I tryed to find my eyes with my hands, but the texture was unknown to my hands. Whatever Mary’s dad had done, I couldn’t look the same.

“Hello!” Mary called, boucing around the room “Mister, what’s your name?”

I pushed myself up on my elbows. I was in a bed room, I was sure. I was in a bed in the room, which figured  bed room to me, but the room was bare other than that. I looked down at myself. The covers were a groggy white and blood stained, but I couldn’t tell f it was from me or from someone – something – else. I was wearing fresh, thin cloth pyjamas that I had never seen before, which seemed to be the only thing that made sense, and were clean,

“Hello? Mister?” Mary called down my ear.

“Mary, leave the man alone. He’s had quite a shock.”

The woman from the sink was in the doorway, holding a pile of what I assumed were clean towles, although it looked as if someone had already used them to wash a pig with. I always knew from the news reports this was a dirtier side of town, but never like this…

“But mummy,” the girl hissed, glancing impaintently between her mother and me. I smiled weakly.

“My name’s Eddie,” I said, my voice scraping my throat as I spoke “Where’s you’re dad. I’d like to thank him. There’s not many people who would help…”

“Oh, he takes it on himself to help all the wonderers, dear,” the woman said “I’m Cathy, Mary’s mother. My husbands at work.”

“Are you coming to the party tonight, Eddie?” Mary asked.

“Party?” I asked, my voice still attacking my throat.

“I’ll bring you some water,” Cathy said, putting the towles down at my side “You sound like you need it. I don’t think you’ll be able to stomach any breakfast for the day though, not my after past experiences. Come on Mary, leave the man alone.”

Mary’s feet dragged as she reluctantly followed her mother out of the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I needed to go, preferably as soon as possible. I had a life to live, I couldn’t just waste the world away here.

Mary opened the door, a finger to her lips. She grinned, sliding into the room and shutting the door gently behind her. She skipped over, bouncing onto the bad and narrowly missing my legs. I winced.

“You’ve got to come to the party tonight, Eddie,” Mary whispered “It’s going to be fun. Even better than last night. My friend said that there was even going to be fireworks! Imagine that!”

“What’s the party for?” I asked.

“For fun!” Mary cried “We always have parties for fun! If you can’t have a party for fun then what’s the point in everything?”

“Mary!” Cathy called “If you’re in that room your going to be in huge trouble, missy!”

“But Mum!” Mary called as Cathy returned to the room with the water “Eddie wants to come to the party!”

“Actually, I think I’ll pass,” I said, taking the water from Cathy “Thank you, Mrs…”

“Just call me Cathy,” Cathy said “Now, Mary, I mean it, out of here.”

“How can you not want to come to the party, Eddie” Mary whined on her way out “There’s gonna be fireworks!”


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