A break from Eddie – Introducing Davey Hertz

Davey Hertz has been inside my brain as a writer for a very long time. He may have changed a little since I was small, changed his name, his age, nationality, almost everything about him. But Davey is a character that has grown up with me and, as my opinions change, my knowledge forms and the world around me grows, Davey has changed to suit these.

Davey’s featured in nearly every piece of writing I have written since I was little, almost definatly with a different name, always the main character. In the latest masterpiece to have formed from my brain, Davey Hertz has taken the form of a mute french man, caught up in the British Criminal Underground, on the run from the international police for a major terrorist attack nearly seven years prievious of the storyline. And Davey’s more of a co-star in this novel, I’ve found, which makes you wonder what on earth the other character is like, but I won’t go into that now.

I will admit I have a soft spot for Davey always. His constant torture to himself for what he’s done kind of sums that up in my mind. And to me, it would be stupid of me to create a blog to show of my amazing writing skills without including Davey Hertz as the Davey Hertz.

Now all I need to do is find something about Davey to show off.

(wait twenty minuets whilst I rush around trying to find writing)

OK, this is something from Davey when he was little. It’s called ‘Inside The Mind Of A Nine Year Old Mute French Kid’ . Fans – what fans? – should recognise this from my writers network site (http://www.writers-network.com/index.cgi?m=1&do=profile&who=15530 – all my older work) but I’m not usuing that now. So, Davey Hertz:

DAVEY – I’ve shut the door. I’ve locked the door. I’m alone with you now.

VOICE ONE – What if Mr George comes?

DAVEY – I can’t help it if Mr George comes, can I?

VOICE ONE – You can’t do anything, can you? You just a stupid little kid who can’t do anything.

DAVEY – Leave me alone.

VOICE TWO – We can’t leave you alone, can we, Davey?

VOICE ONE – Can we Davey?

DAVEY – But you do sometimes. You leave me sometimes. Why do you leave me sometimes?

VOICE TWO – Why would anyone leave you?

VOICE ONE – The same reason no one would stay.

VOICE TWO – Because you’re a worthless piece of sh*t that no one wants to be around.

DAVEY – Why do you say things like that?

VOICE ONE – Well it’s true, isn’t it?

VOICE TWO – Isn’t it?

DAVEY – No…yes

VOICE ONE – No one loves you

DAVEY – No one loves me

VOICE TWO – So why did you leave France, Davey?

DAVEY – Because no one loved me?

VOICE TWO – And where are you now, Davey?

DAVEY – Enkerland

VOICE ONE – And does anyone love you in Enkerland?


VOICE TWO – Mr George don’t love you

VOICE ONE – He don’t love you. He’s using you.

VOICE TWO – Mr George. Don’t. Love. You.

DAVEY – Mr George don’t love me. But…


VOICE TWO – But what?

DAVEY – But Carlus.

VOICE ONE – What? What about Carlus?

VOICE TWO – He don’t love you.

VOICE ONE – What makes you think he loves you?

DAVEY – He said so.

VOICE TWO – Awww… He said so.

VOICE ONE – If I say I love you does that mean I love you


VOICE ONE – But I said so.

DAVEY – But you don’t mean it

VOICE TWO – And you think he means it!


VOICE ONE – No one loves you, Davey.

VOICE TWO – No one

DAVEY – You’re wrong.


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