Action plan – Step-by-step to planning to publish

OK, so I know this book is going to be a massive hit, be made into a full series of films with a TV spin of BUT I have to get there first. I always knew it was going to be along time before I could even consider publishing straight away, but I looked it up and it’s just as long as I thought it was, so I took the curtosy of writing a plan of action. This will probably change abit as I go but here is my step by step to publishing.



3)Send to reader (In my case it was my school librarian)

4) Rewrite based on review

5) Rewrite

6)Type up

7)Send to reader

8)Edit spelling and gramma

(This is where I’m up to now)

9)Rewrite on review

10) Rewrite

11) Extract to reader group A (This should be target audince)

12) Rewrite on reviews

13) Rewrite again

14) Extract to reader group B (This again should be target audience)

15) Rewrite on reviews

16) Rewrite

17) Extract to reader group C (Same target audience)

18) Rewrite on reviews

19) Rewrite

20) Edit gramma and spelling

21) Keep editing untill you feel it’s good enough

22) Send up to 3 chps to number of agents based on their guidlines

23) Future…


Got any opinions? Advice for the author? Just want to have your say? Leave a comment.

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